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Level 3 Award in Oil and Gas Safety

OSHAS Level 3 Award in Oil and Gas Safety is a specialized training program focusing on safety measures and regulations within the oil and gas industry. This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to identify, assess, and mitigate safety risks in oil and gas operations.


  1. Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry
  2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  3. Safety Management Systems (SMS) in Oil and Gas
  4. Emergency Response and Preparedness
  5. Fire Safety in Oil and Gas Installations
  6. Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  7. Process Safety Management
  8. Electrical Safety in Hazardous Areas
  9. Hazardous Materials Handling and Transportation
  10. Occupational Health and Hygiene in Oil and Gas



  • Workers, supervisors, and managers in the oil and gas industry.
  • Health and safety professionals specializing in oil and gas.
  • Individuals seeking a career in oil and gas safety management.
  • Petroleum Engineers



  1. In-depth understanding of safety principles specific to the oil and gas sector.
  2. Enhanced skills in risk assessment, emergency response, and hazard control.
  3. Compliance with industry safety standards and regulations.
  4. Improved safety culture within oil and gas operations.
  5. Career advancement opportunities in oil and gas safety roles.


The course assessment  include written examination, practical assessments, case studies, and projects. Participants are evaluated on their understanding of safety concepts, ability to apply them in real-world scenarios, and their overall competency in managing safety within the oil and gas industry. Successful completion leads to the awarding of the Level 3 Certificate in Oil and Gas Safety.