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ISO 14005:2019 EMS-(Phased Implementation)

The OSHAS ISO 14005:2019 Lead Auditor Course focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively audit Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on the ISO 14005:2019 standard. This course equips individuals with the expertise to lead audit teams, assess EMS compliance, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure organizations meet environmental objectives and regulatory requirements. Contrary to ISO 14004, ISO 14005 also addresses EMS already in place and offers a phased approach. In other words, ISO 14005 helps organizations implement, continually maintain and improve their EMS over time, as required by ISO 14001.


  1. Introduction to ISO 14005:2019 standard and its significance
  2. Principles of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  3. Phased Implementation approach and its benefits
  4. Understanding the structure and requirements of ISO 14005:2019
  5. Planning and conducting EMS audits
  6. Audit techniques and methodologies
  7. Documentation and reporting of audit findings
  8. Corrective actions and continuous improvement
  9. Case studies and practical exercises
  10. Regulatory compliance and legal requirements


  • Environmental managers and officers
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Auditors and consultants
  • Compliance officers
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility professionals
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of EMS and ISO 14005:2019 requirements


  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of ISO 14005:2019 standard and its application.
  • Develop auditing skills to effectively assess EMS compliance and performance.
  • Enhance leadership capabilities to lead audit teams and drive organizational improvement.
  • Understand the phased implementation approach for EMS, ensuring systematic and efficient deployment.
  • Acquire practical insights through case studies and exercises, enabling real-world application of learned concepts.
  • Demonstrate competence as a lead auditor in Environmental Management Systems, enhancing career prospects and professional credibility.

The ISO 14005:2019 Lead Auditor Course concludes with an examination to assess participants' understanding of the course materials. The exam may consist of multiple-choice questions, case studies, and practical scenarios to evaluate theoretical knowledge and practical application. Participants must demonstrate competency in key areas such as EMS principles, auditing techniques, and ISO 14005:2019 requirements to successfully pass the exam and obtain certification as an ISO 14005:2019 Lead Auditor.