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Level 3 Award in Environmental Management

Learners who complete the Level 3 Certificate in Environmental Management will have the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental environmental principles, as well as knowledge, comprehension, and information regarding the environmental management systems that comply with ISO standards. In addition, the planning of the environment, as well as the methods for achieving the essential components of an EMS. Learners will, first and foremost, be able to know about the ways in which to protect the environment by becoming familiar with the various factors that are important for a good environment system.

  • Environmental Management Systems and aspect identification
  • Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency
  • Control of pollution
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies.
  • Environmental Planning    
  • Global Environmental Issues    
  • Modern Environmental Management    
  • Energy Management

  • This qualification has been designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of all staff working within an environmental management system (e.g. ISO 14001).
  • This qualification is for those with responsibilities within an environmental management system (such as ISO 14001).
  • HSE Officers
  • Environmental Engineers


Successful completion of the training program and assessment will enable candidates to understand:

  • Key global environmental issues and the concept of sustainability,
  • The advantages and disadvantages of implementing an accredited environmental management system,
  • The purpose of and process involved in developing an effective environmental policy,
  • How to identify and evaluate an organization’s environmental aspects and impacts,
  • The structure, function, and operation of environmental law,
  • How an environmental management system can be implemented,
  • The purpose and processes of checking environmental performance including monitoring and measuring,
  • Corrective and preventive actions and auditing.

Students can take the course test after studying the course material and passing the module quizzes. The purpose of the course exam is to gauge how well the students have understood the topic. Multiple-choice questions drawn from our sizable question library make up course exams.


  • Time allowed is 2 hours and exam will be open book.
  • To pass the test, you must receive a minimum score of 70%.
  • You can repeat the exam if you don't pass the first time.
  • Exams can only be taken three (3) times in a 10-hour period by students.
  • Students must wait 24 hours before taking the test again after their third try. Students should reread the course material to increase their understanding during this period.
  • You cannot repeat the test to get a better score if you pass.
  • There isn't a thorough programme exam available right now. Students must succeed on all of their course exams in order to finish the programme.