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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Safety

OSHAS H2S Safety Course is intended for employees who work in the oil, gas, geothermal, petrochemical, or other hazardous gas-producing industries. All employers, employees, and self-employed people who operate with any toxic gases, namely H2S gas, should take an H2SSafety Awareness course. In order to stay and work in an area where they may be exposed to H2S gas, oil and gas professionals must be skilled in the emergency response procedures that are required.

  • Properties of H2S
  • Hazard of H2S
  • Physical effect and how H2S effects individuals
  • Detection
  • Fit testing
  • Where can you find H2S
  • Protection (Respiratory, Demonstration & Practice Session, SpecialSealing Problem)
  • How to operate Breathing Apparatus Compressor
  • How to operate bug blower
  • Emergency preparedness and rescue technique
  • Safety measure

  • Oil and Gas Professionals
  • H&S Professionals
  • Supervisors
  • Technicians
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Managers

Participants must be completely capable of describing and showing the following after training is complete:

  • Roots of hydrogen sulphide
  • H2S is also known by other names and has different qualities.
  • Limits for measurement variables and H2S exposure
  • Individual H2S susceptibility-related factors
  • types of respiratory and detection equipment
  • Personal detection device and EBA pre-use inspections
  • operating individual H2S detection apparatus
  • Answering an alarm
  • Putting on and using a mask and hood as part of an escape breathing equipment (EBA)
  • Connecting an activated EBA to a pressurised cascade breathing system subject to proper donning
  • removing an activated EBA from a pressurised cascade breathing system with proper adornment

  • Time allowed is 2 hours and exam will be open book.
  • To pass the test, you must receive a minimum score of 70%.
  • You can repeat the exam if you don't pass the first time.
  • Exams can only be taken three (3) times in a 10-hour period by students.
  • Students must wait 24 hours before taking the test again after their third try. Students should reread the course material to increase their understanding during this period.
  • You cannot repeat the test to get a better score if you pass.
  • There isn't a thorough programme exam available right now. Students must succeed on all of their course exams in order to finish the programme.